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With over 15 years of experience in software development, we decided we should create a YouTube channel to share our knowledge. Here are some key videos to help our clients and prospective clients understand how software development is done correctly. Check out our other videos at: https://youtube.com/BusinessOfProgramming

Did you know 70% of all software projects fail or never reach completion?

This video shows how to manage a software project and avoid the common pitfalls that doom a project to failure. In addition to project managers, software developers should also know this because in many companies there are no project managers.

Follow these guidelines and your Project Management skills will improve dramatically.

Often talented software developers have more work than it’s possible to get done in 40, 60 or even 80 hours per week.

This video outlines how to prioritize and schedule your tasks to increase your productivity and make sure your project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This is not about coding tips like writing macros and using coding standards, although that is very important. Proper time management can make a huge difference in productivity for programmers.

Good coding standards makes it so you can find code faster, read and understand it easily, and increase reusability. One hour of forethought and planning can prevent literally hundreds of hours of unnecessary upkeep, straining for interpretation, and possible future bugs.

  1. Readability
  2. Text Searching
  3. Consistency
  4. Reusability

On average programmers spend 10 hours reading code for every 1 hour of actual coding. If Coding Standards are used properly this can be reduced significantly. Imagine having to work 11 hours and knowing 10 of those hours will be reading and deciphering code so you can do one hour of coding and inserting it into the proper locations. If Coding Standards and Naming Conventions are strictly adhered to it is completely possible to change that so in an 8 hour day you spend only 4 hours reading code and the other 4 hours actually coding. Work 3 hours less and be 4 times more productive!

Agile development is the way small businesses and clients want work done when they do not know anything about software development. And big companies are purposely using it also because it works.

Agile Methodology is:

  1. Plan
  2. Develop
  3. Deploy
  4. Get Feedback
  5. Repeat

This is my favorite way to develop. Get frequent input from clients. Expect change and flow with it. Once the software is used OF COURSE users are going to realize new needs. It is impossible to foresee and code for every contingency. Instead make a basic version, deploy and get feedback. After feedback you may find the project needs to go in a completely different direction.

What do you do when the server crashes? Or data is corrupted? Some technology problem has taken your entire company offline?

This video outlines the 9 steps I have used which work every time, regardless of what kind of IT disaster has happened. Stop it from getting worse and how to handle it in the most effective and least stressful way.

Short video on 2 methods to quickly fix a WSOD (White Screen Of Death) in PHP.

One trick uses the 50% method and actually will work with many languages for debugging where one character or line is killing an entire page. The other trick is even faster.

These methods DO NOT require changing the php.ini .

Here are 12 acronyms and software terms that every coder (and project manager) should know for their software programming career.

The 5 Best Practices to streamline your interaction with a video editor. This makes their work more efficient – and time is money. Plus how you can greatly increase the professional quality of your YouTube channel for very little cost.